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Getting the best Price for your Toluca Lake condo

  1. Getting  the Best Price for your Home Can Be Broken Down into Four Areas:



  1. Setting the List Price as close to or below Current Market Value of Your Condo will Bring it more exposure.  Buyers are very sophisticated in evaluating price and know when a home is over priced.  Over priced homes are often set aside by buyers.


  1. Looks


  1. Your Condo must look the best that it can be.  This is a Beauty Contest.  Your Toluca Lake Home will be evaluated against all active home in your area within a given price by Buyers.  Consider Painting, Replacing Carpet, Installing New Sod.....Even Staging Your Home.  Also, Your Agent should hire professionals to take the pictures of your home - with 95% of Buyers looking on the Internet for their next home, you need to have professional pictures - not pictures from a cell phone....


  1. Exposure


  1. Your Home needs to have Maximum Exposure through all available mediums.  Internet Exposure, by far, is the most important for achieving Maximum Exposure for Your Toluca Lake Home.  Over 95% of Buyers are looking for the new home on the Internet.


  1. Picking the Right Agent


The Right Agent should have a comprehensive Written Marketing Plan to sell Your Toluca Lake Home.  The Agent should have a strong understanding on how best to market your home on the Internet.  The Agent should also have a larger Internet Presence in the area your home is located. 

  1. The Agent should be able to help you determine the appropriate Market Value of Your Toluca Lake Home.  The Agent should also be able to document their history for the following calculations: Sales Price to Original Sales Price, Histoty of Reductions to List Price, and Days on Market for the homes they have sold in the past few years.

Seller's Tool

We offer an incredible tool to help Our Sellers determine the Value of their Toluca Lake Condo - The Market Snapshot.  This tool uses real market data and presents it in a compreshensive report with maps, charts and statistics.  The tool will also update you based on your needs.  Simply Click the Picture Below - it will take you to the tool or go to www.Toluca-Lake-Home-Values.com.  We also have an instructional video on how to use the tool below.

  Toluca Lake Home Values

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